Panthera 9WN21MUJ8

Natural born leaders and beautiful beasts of the night, panthers are often personified with ingenious idealists and visionary intellectuals. As quick witted decision takers they show immeasurable resilience in front of danger and handle crises with proactive competence. Their black beauty is as luminous as a clear sky under the bright moon, their eyes as flickering stars of iridescent cosmos.

  • ShapeRound
  • Size⌀: 42.00mm
  • Height12.00mm
  • Glass CrystalFlat Crystal Sapphire, Scratch Resistant, 9/10 Mohs
  • Watch Caseback316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, Engraved with Octoganal Perpetual Pattern
  • DialMicro Painted
  • Water Resistance3 ATM, 30 Meters
  • MovementETA 2824-2, Swiss Made
  • Frequency4 Hz, 28'800 A/h
  • Power Reserve42 Hours
  • Shock ProtectionIncabloc Novodiac
  • Movement FeaturesSelf-Winding, Stop-Second Time Setting, Bidirectional
  • DisplayHours, Minutes
  • AccuracyAverage +/- 12 sec/day, up to +/- 30 sec/day
  • Self WindingYes
  • Case Material18K White Gold (Including hands, buckle and crown)
  • Bezel18K White Gold Encrusted with 88 Diamond Pieces
  • TypeGenuine Leather, Hand Tanned
  • SeamHand Sewn, High Quality
  • Buckle18k White Gold
  • MaterialGenuine Lizard
  • Dial ArtHand Painted Micro Art of Black Panther and Cub Under Full Moon
  • SidesHand Painted Micro Art of Panther Shapes, Special Coating
  • Crown ArtHand Painted Micro Art of Black Panther Portrait, Special Coating
A Luminous Depiction of the World's Rarest Beauty

Although they are of various appearance, the panthera that has a high level of melanin in their fur are taken as the main image of this large black cat. A clear advantage in nocturnal lifestyle, their midnight color inspires an enigmatic curiosity in humans. The mystery quickly leaves its place for awe, as the predator exhibits excellent grace and esthetics in its dexterous yet ferocious stature.

The dial of this piece has been hand-painted like the rest of our works, however the portraiture on the side of the case are rather unique in the skill wielded. The numerous shades of color nuances applied onto the black surface created a versatility in the application of the beautiful eyes of the panthera. The difficulty in emphasizing different tonnes on a dark composition was overcome by the masterful brush strokes of the skilled artist. The peak of the awe-inspiring surprise comes on the crown however, the unmanageable miniature of the improvised and the portrait of the panther which is designed on the spot is of quality almost impossible to be found anywhere else. It’s one of our rare works that we take great pride in, and for having the honor of employing our esteemed resident artist.

The vibrant image of the black cat feels almost lifelike, without the hint of the artistic touches it would be impossible to differentiate it from a real image. These touches however, don’t make it any less realistic than that of a potential alternative. The result work is as inspired and powerful as any mystifying image of its sort, with the feeling of a sort of qualified elegancy hard to find in an artistic object of this size. In situations such as this, the condensation of the original image in the mind of the artist into a tiny spot doesn’t come as an obstacle but rather an opportunity to express an exquisite piece of art illustrious as a clear night sky.

Just like those who are born with a condition to see more colors than the natural spectrum of the human eye, so does the artist depict us a reality beyond that of which we perceive in a standard below a potential higher realism. Such levels of artistic inspiration are hard to reach without an extraordinary medium like micro art or miniature painting. This is one of the reasons why there are countless aspects of our works that couldn’t have been reached without being expressed as micro art directly applied onto the surface of a watch case and the cadran..

In this case such artistic necessities required a combination of colors to be nuanced onto the black surface. A difficult terrain such as this asked for an aesthetical attraction, an active motion of beauty inspiring emotion. The specifics of which emotion were not emphasized however, as that commitment belongs to the spectator. The humble accessory of the artwork is simply, yet masterfully, to amplify these extremely personal emotions born from the unique character of each individual. What the artwork would represent would differ from person to person, however the way the brush strokes used to depict this aesthetical feline deepens those emotions will be empowered for every individual just in the same intensity.