Wildlife Elegant and Powerful

The call of the wild is like no other. The animal kingdom not only inspires a deeply aesthetic inclination but also taps into the many layered world of cultural  compositions that were affected by the symbology of the wildlife. Warriors of the old world were likened to the fiercest of animals, their battlefield qualities nuanced by  the characteristics of each different species. Labour has been defined by a large variety of species present in nature. Beauty is described by how well it suits together  with the wildlife. Teachings of the old world have likened the behavior of different animals to define the varying states of thoughts within the seekers of knowledge.  Whole cultures have been shaped around the image of an animal, old forms of embroidery were rooted from the philosophical interpretations of what we know as  stylized animal figures. From folk tales to contemporary narratives, animals have deeply been embroidered into the tapestry of human culture, as the two are hardly separable.