Jaguar 318F798A0009

Agile warriors of valor, quick to face their adversaries and contemplative in their introspection, jaguars are incredible hunters which those who personalise themselves with often find courageous without equal.

  • ShapeRound
  • Size⌀: 42.00mm
  • Height12.00mm
  • Case Material18K Gold (Including hands, buckle and crown)
  • Glass CrystalFlat Crystal Sapphire, Scratch Resistant, 9/10 Mohs
  • Watch Caseback316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, Engraved with Octoganal Perpetual Pattern
  • DialMicro Painted
  • Water Resistance3 ATM, 30 Meters
  • MovementETA 2824-2, Swiss Made
  • Frequency4 Hz, 28'800 A/h
  • Power Reserve42 Hours
  • Shock ProtectionIncabloc Novodiac
  • Movement FeaturesSelf-Winding, Stop-Second Time Setting, Bidirectional
  • DisplayHours, Minutes
  • AccuracyAverage +/- 12 sec/day, up to +/- 30 sec/day
  • Self WindingYes
  • Bezel18K Rose Gold Encrusted with 88 Diamond Pieces
  • MaterialCrocodile Leather
  • TypeGenuine Leather, Hand Tanned
  • SeamHand Sewn, High Quality
  • Buckle18K Gold
  • Dial ArtHand Painted Micro Art of Jaguar and Flora, Special Coating
  • Crown ArtHand Painted Micro Art of Jaguar Portrait, Special Coating
  • SidesHand Painted Micro Art of Jaguar Patterns, Special Coating
Nimble Warriors of Courage

Found in the thick tropical forests of lowlands, jaguars like terrain in which they can easily hide. Patiently waiting in cover they are said to be able to take down their prey with a single strike. It’s rumored that their native name jaguara meant a beast that could hunt its target with nothing but a single leap. It’s the largest feline in the New World, habiting a vast area from Mexico to Patagonia, populating the Amazonian forest. Apex predators at the top of the food chain, they are often solitary hunters of incredible stealth.

Their ferocity has inspired fear and awe into many cultures, often embodying their warrior class with the image of the jaguars. For Azteks this transformed into an elite institution of Jaguar Knights. Like the Eagle Warriors, the Jaguar Knights would also dress like the animals that they have embodied and adapt a uniform that looked like jaguars. The warrior culture would require the Jaguar Knights, just like the Eagle Warriors, to capture their enemies alive, as dealing a mortal blow would be seen as incapability and crude swordsmanship. The enemy would better be alive to be brought onto the altar gazed upon by the statues of the ominous were-jaguars.

These large cats were also seen as symbols of protection, as they were believed to be able to jump between the spirit world and the physical world. They were naguals, spirit animals accompanying the shaman as they transitioned to the next realm or the underworld, where more darker spirits would be waiting to ambush the mind of the spiritualist. Just as a jaguar is able to traverse in adverse conditions such as in water, swamp or the trees, such resilience would be expected from the nagual as the shaman would have to travel in different states of mind, or rather into different spirit worlds in which each would provide a different challenge to let the protagonist pass.

For the Maya, the jaguar was also seen as a symbol of strength, as their gods were often of jaguar stature. Rulers would adapt a jaguar into their names, such as Jaguar Paw or Moon Jaguar. This resulted in the association of the ruling class with jaguars as well as the hunters of the empire. For them the animal  symbolized divinity, or rather the direct application of the divinity into the worldly matters as ferocity and survival naturally became the strongest aspects of earthly life.

Their strength, durability and adaptability is often personalized with the ability to face one's own inner fears. These are seen as prerequisites for a noble character, as well as brevity required for a strong mettle.