Support After Sale
Support After Sale


You can login to the product manual area with the password given to you specific to the product you purchased. You can find all the information about the product in this area.

If you purchased your product from a second party, please contact us and ask for your new password.



Elaborate communication and dedicated service are signature qualities of Birgie. We care for the work that we do, especially since our work revolves around artistic activity. Working for mutual artistic experience requires unhindered communication.

Owners of our watches are not only purchasing a watch, they also become a part of our brand. We want our customers to feel safe when they choose our brand as they are making an important purchase for a valuable timepiece. It’s highly preferred for us that no service is left undelivered to the satisfaction of our customers.

We respect the work that we do, which is the result of our tireless labour of creating perfect watches. We understand that a timepiece is not just the end result of a production line but an ongoing work stretched out for a timeline. This is why we claim that topmost quality of service is delivered alongside with the watch. We want to ensure that an item bought from us will resist the attrition of time and continue functioning both mechanically and aesthetically for many years, if not centuries, to come. To back our claim of longitude with confidence, service and maintenance of the watches becomes mandatory to us. Our assurance comes from the expertise to assemble the most quality components of a timepiece, as well as our belief in their durability to last for very long periods of time.


We are dedicated to providing service at peak quality. The experience we employ has earned us on numerous occasions to know all about overcoming different situations. Every problem has a solution and the best outcome should be maintained with balance. Our goal is to provide the customers, as well as our partners, this topmost level of quality in service, as well as production.

This is the reason we choose the most talented professionals from our network of specialists. We employ the best and expect the best. Perfection in service and customer care is the most integral part of our brand philosophy.

Ideally, a watch should not have a difference between the first time it was purchased and after a certain amount of time has passed. In this case it’s expected that the base standard quality with the service is at least as good as the factory standard. The problem with this approach is that it assumes the factory standard is the topmost quality of the product. Our motto however, is to take this a step further. We hold the after-sale service quality even higher than the initial factory standard of the watch, ensuring every maintenance to be at least better than the original. We are hoping to reach perfection with service and maintenance, which is important for our brand philosophy.

Customer Focused Service

Unlike the brand standard in the world of haute horlogerie, our main focus is art. The rest of the machination is only made perfect for the sake of upholding the high standard set by the art on it. This is why we don't have the luxury to provide a mechanical, trader-like approach to customer relations. Our trade is art, and therefore we must take care about the special nature of dealing with customers who have chosen us for the delicacy of art.

Our primary philosophy in customer care is clear communication, fair treatment and supporting the customer. We want to make sure that our message gets across: It’s not just the physical existence of the material of a timepiece that the customer possesses when they make a purchase from us. The material is replaceable, it’s an industrial component that makes up only a small percentage of the artwork that we have produced. What’s important is the conceptual expression outlining the circumstances of the timepiece. This abstract can only be reinforced with mutual assertion of its care and mutual approval of its actuality. Such mutual relatability is provided through safe communication and dependability.

A timepiece is never just a timepiece, just as our brand is not just a logo front for an industrial operation. What is given can only be compared to what is spent, and considering the hopes, likes, expectations, expressions and lifestyle surrounding the nature of our trade; providing confidence for the customer remains as the only option. It would be our nightmare to know that one of our timepieces that, for example, has been gifted would be accompanied with a feeling of remorse or bitterness resulting from disservice from our side. Our dedication is completely about prevention of such a scenario.


Dedication to After-Sales Services


When one takes up the ownership of one of our timepieces, they become part of the Birgie group. We treat every individual as an extraordinary person and do our best to treat our customers exclusively. This is the reason we feel committed to after-sales services, which not only ensure the operational integrity of the timepieces that we have produced with deep care, but also helps us connect on a better level with our customers.

We are hoping to deliver mutual relatability on shared distinguished tastes. We are not selling disappointment. That should be the last thing attached to our work. Our dedication is to negate any such obstacles by providing the best services for our customers, and also for the relation between the watch and the customer. These services include regular maintenance, repairs, aesthetic checks, replacements, restorations, oiling and precise calibration by default, of course, but our primary service remains as to be the warm confidence we deliver to the satisfaction of our customers.


Personalization and Customer Exclusive


Not only we provide custom designs for our timepieces, but also personalization for existing watches. Also individual tweaks on watches that have already been purchased with custom design is provided. You will have direct access to communicate these requests through a Customer Exclusive screen created for this kind of services specially.

Customer Exclusive interface is not only an information schema for the customer and their watch, but also an extensive database (Still expanding!) in which many different watches can be traced. This screen will give direct access to the production line. Every watch comes with credentials that will let you register and log into the interface. Here you will have access to the contents of your portable drive, manual instructions, comments and reviews from past owners and access to services. It’s imperative for us to provide the basic availability to interact with every bit of information surrounding your timepiece.


Network of Professionals


Every employee is your insider man for our brand, as well as to the wide world of haute horlogerie. Our experience in the trade has provided us with a wide array of individual experts. Grandmasters of their skills, these experts employ their services in the same bustling trade hub as Birgie, if not directly employed within our brand.

This provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to make everything possible within the world of watchmaking. Experts with decades of experience, as well as the professionals of the trade, are constantly at our disposal, which are exclusively mobilized for the service of our customers.


Be a part of Birgie


Being a part of Birgie is not only in name. By doing so, you become entitled to partake in many exclusive actions in our operation, as well as certain goodies. These include complimentary gifts, complimentary services, celebrations, specials days, being reached out as current and past customers, call outs and honorable mentions and a periodic delivery of our magazine.

Options to calibrate the level and frequency of these complementaries are adjustable in the Customer Exclusive interface.

For any kind of queries about our services, please use the following menu to navigate, or directly contact with us.


Instructions for Use


Please check your user manual carefully to effectively maintain your watch. Follow the instructions as included for each different watch. Most of our watches have a similar movement core, but certain series might have different requirements.

If your watch is water resistant, make sure that you set the crown pressed in its place before exposing it to water. Frequent exposure to water, for example in the cases of water sports, a certain amount of moisture might leak through the confinement of the watch. It will mostly present itself as moisture beneath the crystal of the watch. In such situations have your watch maintained or send it to us for regular maintenance.

Most of the timepieces are possible to wear during sports, however strong shocks might cause them to lose accuracy. Most of the time this is not a permanent situation and can be corrected with calibration, however refrain from exposing it to strong kinetic impacts and shocks. Strong vibrations should also be avoided, especially for prolonged periodic exposure.

Try to avoid exposing your watch to strong magnetic fields, as this might disrupt the timekeeping precision of your watch as well. This is also a temporary condition and can be fixed with a regular demagnetization process. If your watch is running too fast, it’s probably due to magnetization. Watch movements depend on delicate gear operations and various different materials. Strong magnetic fields can change the magnetic charge of the pieces and cause it to function improperly.

Make sure that you adjust the straps to fit your wrist perfectly. Too loose or too strong might cause different kinds of abrasions accordingly.

Try to refrain from exposing it to extreme temperature changes as well. Going from too cold to too hot in a short period of time, or from too hot to too cold in a short period of time might cause problems with your watch.

Wait for your watch to be dry to use different functions, such as rewinding the crown or setting the time. Refrain from doing this underwater, as it might leak moisture into the watch.

Do not leave your watch with salt water. Rinse it with fresh water after contact with salt water or sea water. Dry with soft cloth after rinsing.

Frequently Asker Questions

Q: How do I maintain my Birgie watch?

A: Normal movement or casual sports will not affect your watch however violent shock might alter the precision of the watch. If you are not wearing it for 24 hours, make sure that the watch is rewinded 30 times as per the instruction. This will preserve the power. When you are adjusting the date of your watch, make sure that the hours hand is below the 2 and 10 o’clock markers. Don’t change the date while the hands are close to the 12 o’clock marker, as it could damage the gears. Avoid getting the straps wet and only clean the watch with soft cloth and water. Use soft cloth to dry it well.

Q: How can I register my watch with Birgie?

A: You will be provided with credentials upon purchase. You can use them to log into the Customer Exclusive screen present in the main screen of our website, as well as by following through the Main Screen>Services>Customer Exclusive.

Q: Where can I find the guarantee documents of my watch?

A: You will find them in the portable drive that you have received when your watch is delivered to you. They will be in the same box. Alternatively, you will be able to find them in your Customer Exclusive screen which is present in the main screen of our website, as well as by following through the Main Screen>Services>Customer Exclusive.

Q: Where can I find the user manual for my watch?

A: You will find them in the portable drive that you have received when your watch is delivered to you. They will be in the same box. Alternatively, you will be able to find them in your Customer Exclusive screen which is present in the main screen of our website, as well as by following through the Main Screen>Services>Customer Exclusive. You can also find them in Main Screen>Services>User Manuals.

Q: How can I wind my watch?

A: Without pulling the crown, wind it about 30 times. This winds the mainspring. The rotor will continue to wind itself with natural movement. The power has a life of about 40 hours.

Q: How long does one winding go for before I have to wind it again?

A: After being winded for about 30 times, the watch will go for 40 hours before being winded again.




During frequent maintenance, we will run the watch through a series of tests and check for irregularities. If any malfunction is found, we will forward you the list of problems and how they can be resolved. Also you can send us your watch if you believe it’s in need of a repair. We will not commence with any repairs without your approval.

Even though that most repairs and regulations will be complementary, some cases will require a certain amount of payment. In such cases the repairs will never be done until you see the recite. You will always have the right to reserve getting quality service and refuse the repairs. If you agree with the repairs, the watch will be sent back to you in top condition, probably even better than the first day of purchase!

If you want to send your watch for repairs, please contact us or reach us through the Customer Exclusive screen.




As time goes, mechanical movements might change their pace and require professional adjusting to keep the watch in reliable precision.

Technicians measure the time between each interval and observe the variations between the seconds. They compare the intervals to a reference time guide and adjust the mechanism accordingly. If the seconds are faster or slower than what they should be, a calibration might be required.

During this meticulous process, a delicate adjustment of the regulator bar of the watch is moved positively or negatively, depending on whether the movement is too slow or too fast. With this operation, the watch will be reset to its original factory standards. After that, it will go through a set of tests to see its performance accuracy.

After the core assembly is completed, it will be put together with the rest of the components and get tested again, to see if the factory specifications of the watch are accurate while closed up.

This kind of calibration will make sure that your watch stays accurate as the first day that you received it.


Check Case Damage


In the situation of the case having been damaged, we check for structural disturbances, deformities, cracks, scratches and break offs. In such situations the case might be replaced, or the artwork might go through a restoration process if it’s on the case.

The cases might go through certain wear, molds, rust, corrosion, compression or strain. Damage will be completely assessed and an additional action will be taken if required. Every action will be consulted with the customer before the operation.


Check Water Resistance


If a water resistant watch is worn frequently in the water, it should be checked annually for moisture due to continual exposure to aquatic environments. In time and use, watches might slight in their confinement against water. Make sure that the crown is pressed and made fit into its place to prevent moisture from leaking into the watch.

In such maintenance situations, the process will include the cleansing of the case, dismantling the movement to check for functioning, replace components if required and reassemble the case back together. The watch will then be tested for a final resistance control.

If there is moisture beneath the crystal of your watch, it’s a clear indication that your watch has lost a bit of water resistance, which can be fixed by a regular water resistance maintenance service.


Check Magnetism and Demagnetize


Watches might be exposed to certain magnetic fields that cause slight dysfunctions with their movement. It can cause them to run too fast or too slow. You might want to prevent your watch from getting exposed to very strong magnetic fields. If that happens and causes your watch to malfunction, a simple demagnetization service will correct the problem. Magnetization service checks for any discrepancy of movement and if necessary demagnetizes it, calibrating it back to its original accuracy.


Check Internal Parts


Every single component of a watch has an essential role to keep the movement smooth with precision. When one of these components, depending on their importance, starts to malfunction it could affect the general operation and might result in your watch working beneath its capacity, if at all.

Running it through proper checks to make sure that every part runs smoothly and in proper condition, we make sure that no disconnection happens between the integral parts that could disrupt the movement. Seeing if certain specifications and measurements are met and up to the factory standards, we try to see if there is any problem with the mechanics that we can diagnose and determine the cause.


Replacing Parts


If we determine that a function is not up to the specifications of factory standards, if things are running too slow or too fast, or if there is a variation in the rotation, we diagnose the problem and reduce it down to the source. Pinpointing to exact which part of the machination is malfunctioning, we will be able to determine what went wrong and how it can be corrected. Listing the number of malfunctioning components that needs to be replaced, we produce the schema of required repairs and the costs. If there is mutual agreement with the customer, we commence with the necessary repairs and forward with the reassembly.


Service Costs


Depending on the nature of the damage, the service costs will vary for different instances. Most of the time regulations and art restorations will be complimentary and we will be more than happy to service one of our watches in our best ability.

There will be no lag or delay with the application of warranties and insurances. There will be no disfavorable action against the customer in cases of external insurances. We make sure that our customers feel safe with their purchase and do not feel discomfort with the ongoing after-sale services.

Even if done in favor of the customer, certain situations might require a certain essential and unique component to be replaced, or made go through an operation that is essential for the standard functioning of the movement. In such cases a price list will be forwarded to the customer and communicate their opinion to continue with the repairs. In cases of disagreements, alternatives will be consulted and reforwarded to the customer to communicate a more favorable solution. The customer will always reserve their right to receive quality service without experiencing disservice, as well as their right to withhold repairs and to challenge the costs.


Extend Warranty


New registration to our customer database will extend your warranty with additional years. If you want to extend your warranty even further, you will be able to apply for the request through our customer service and our Customer Exclusive screen.

Extending warranty not only helps you feel secure with our after-sale services, but also help us keep track of the timepiece. Regular maintenance and repairs will be handled in topmost care, whether if your watch is within or out of the warranty time. However, out-of-warranty costs will not be excessive either.


Maintenance Frequency


In cases of frequent maintenance or repairs, contact us and make a request. We will provide you with the details on how to send us your timepiece.


Condition Assessment


Your watch will be tested and diagnosed. If sent for regular maintenance, certain checks will be done. If there is damage or a need for repair, the damage will be assessed. A list of what needs attention and the proper actions to take will be presented to you and asked for approval.


Price Assessment


Most of the regular maintenance and repairs will be complimentary. However certain operations may require delicate operations or certain replacements. When diagnosing the problem, we will make a list of fair pricing and make a sum total of what it will cost.


Confirmation of Service


No action will be taken without your consent. You will first see the list of required actions and what they will cost, and if you give consent/ and if you let us the repairs and replacements will be made. You will reserve your right to refuse and actions, or certain actions. You will be able to consult with other technicians or repair shops, and ask us only to commence with certain actions while withholding others.


Get Your Watch Back


We know the personal attachment felt towards the timepiece owned, therefore we will take every action according to this knowledge. After your confirmation, we will take necessary actions required to bring the watch into better condition and ship it back to you with haste.




Our prime goal when it comes to the movement of our watches is continiual functioning while staying durable. We want to make sure that the artwork survives for years to come. To achieve that we ensure that the mechanical function of the piece is well maintained.

Regular maintenance is required to keep your watch in best condition. It’s recommended to send for maintenance annually. Several tests will be made during this process, such as water resistance (if the watch has this quality), magnetism, accuracy and damage control. If oiling is needed, the lubrication process will be done. We uphold the watches to the best criteria as possible.

To protect your watch from moisture and dust, make sure that the crown is kept pressed in place. Even if the watch is water resistant, long periods of exposing it to water might wear down it’s confinement and cause it to collect moisture. We will clean any such details within the watch during maintenance. Straps will also be checked and fastened into place for better durability. If the leather has suffered from wear and tear, moisture, heat, sunlight or attrition, we will take necessary steps to repair the damage, or replace them completely.


Dust / Mold Removal


Exposing the watch to water continually, for example as a result of water sports, might require a regular removal of moisture from within the case. Before exposing your watch to water, make sure that the crown is pressed into place to prevent any leaking. This will also prevent dust from collecting up inside. If the crystal of your watch is moisturized it means that the water resistance of your watch is compromised, which we can fix with a regular maintenance.


Insure Your Watch


We guarantee the quality of our watches and longitude of movement. Every purchase comes with a certain amount of warranty time. This warranty will be extended once you make a registration with our Customer Exclusive. Additional extensions can be requested through contacting with us.

You will also have the option to insure your watch for the dangers that are not covered with guarantee. With a small fee, your watch will get covered for theft, being lost, fire, corrosion and malfunctions. You can select among from different options or get a premade package. Getting insured from another place will not be frowned upon and we will do our best to help you with your external insurances. We will provide you with detailed bills and actions taken, as well as reports to the incidents should you require it.