Spiritual Relating to the Intuitive

Spiritualism has taken a pivoting role in the development of anthropology. It’s as old as the history of art, older than the history of writing. Some of the first cave  paintings depict shamans or priests in shape of animals alongside other figures of people and animals. Earliest known mythos describe mystical teachings that  grounded the layout of ancient philosophy. There is no culture in the world that developed without a metaphysical cognition of the universe and transcendental  dialectic to describe the cosmos. Every religion has branched a spiritual aspect alongside its original teaching, if not directly shaping the message according to spiritual  teachings itself. On the other hand, those who describe the incorporeal outside the sphere of religion also find themselves alongside the spiritual path. It’s as  widespread as thought itself, encompassing everyone who wants to get in touch with their inner essence and find their meaning in life. This level of spread has caused  spirituality to infiltrate the world of artistic expression so deeply, starting from the old Egyptian art, continuing with the Medieval art and still going on with the deeply  influenced contemporary spiritual art.