Renaissance Reinterpretation of Classical Masterworks

Our interest in the Renaissance art roots from its quality of symbolising the creative alongside the innovative. It’s considered to be one of the pinnacles of classical art  as many of the masters are honored among this artistic movement that started with the Age of Enlightenment. It was triggered not only by new scientific methods of  the time that changed the old world of scholasticism but also encompassed a rally of rich intellectualism. The term “renaissance man,” or rather uomo universale,  described skilled individuals that have the talent of unifying these branches that seem so distincted in our current time. The beginning of Renaissance is ascribed to  artistic works which shows the importance of art in the shaping of this classical movement that has inspired countless others in centuries to follow. It laid the  groundwork for every other  movement that we can take as classical, as well as inspiring every artist who has taken an interest in the works of old masters. In the  impressive and artistically rich world of Renaissance it’s impossible not to become deeply inspired.