Nature Depicting the Universe

Aesthetics is defined by a compatibility to nature. Nature defines beauty and the highest form of beauty is to be found in nature. The perception that we use to shape  our cognitive understanding of our surroundings and the artistic baseline which we use to create this aesthetic cognition is laid default by how nature has shaped our  perception.  As natural beings we seek to find what is essentially acceptable in terms of artistic correctness in the depths of nature as we gaze upon our surroundings  and compare everything else to this world of creation. Even the artistic movements that try to seek an escape from nature find themselves creating a new  understanding of aesthetics that's composed of a new understanding of nature rather than trying to tackle the place of nature in artistic valuation. Hardly anything can  overcome the unparalleled rhetorics of natural existence. No old or contemporary movement has managed to overcome the indisputable dominance of natural theory  in terms of art and aesthetics, including those few that were artificially manufactured via the disposal of countless funds to do exactly that one mission, but still have  failed.