About Us

We are excited to appear in the world of high watchmaking with our precedingexperience and sholastic background. We seek to differentiate ourselves from other brands and serial production through distinctive artistic quality. Our understanding of unique art is personal style, to provide the detail and elegancewell deserved, and to maintain a heredition of artistic works by preserving the details of miniaturized works, without sacrificing any of the details. This infuses the works with an intangible quality. When combined with the traditional methods that we employ, the result becomes something of orient, mystical. The method we follow to meet our works with our target audience is to connect our artists with them on the grounds of mutual artistic taste. The personal stories of our artists, the story of the work as it manifested through the process of creation and the personal stories of our clients combine together to make up for a grand narrative. We make it possible that the works created with this elegance find their ways to the ownership of the individuals who also share these tastes. Instead of being a cold and distant brand, we provide passion, soulful integrity and philosophical depth, which we hope to provide the warm family environment with our clients and staff both. We try to value merit, both in our own staff and with the distinguished individuals that we work with.

Our Mission

Masterful artistry and individualized design are our inspiration to create excellency.

Our Vision

Our aim is to achieve a distinguished position as a brand of artistic quality in the world of haute horlogerie, which we are deeply passionate about. As the products started to reach levels that are more accessible, watch enthusiasts directed their focus to pieces that are more authentic and sophisticated. We seek to respond to that need through connecting with those seekers on a common ground of relatability. We observe such a gap in the world of high watchmaking and aim to fulfil that desire. What were once unique designs became common through the advancement of serial production and technology. Our goal is to bring an artistic approach to the trade and carry the world of high watchmaking into something that can progress beyond valuation. Contributing to art, carrying it into the future and creating ateliers to employ enthusiastic artists whom we can work together with are some of our goals. At the same time we seek to provide opportunity for the young potential artists of the current residents of Birgi, the historical town that which makes up our roots.


Dynamic, Innovative, Facing Future, For People, Young, Evolving, Progressive, Creative Authentic, Visionary,Unique, Independent, Encompassing, Passionate Responsibility, Dependability, Integrality, Virtuous Unity, Tradition, Elegance Mystic, Soulful Artistic The most important thing to us are the values that we start out with. These values reveal us which methods to follow. Methods provide us with responsibility, and through working with responsibility it guides us to sharpen up through our progression. That results with our true merits and finally allows us to reach our ultimate goal. This is how our values are a reverse pyramid, as none of our values can be stepped on in order to reach for a goal in the next phase. Afterall, the ultimate goal that we are trying to reach, is the final quest which shoulder all our values in the first place.